News – November 30th 2019
Darren Lim speaks at The Australian Institute of Music 2019 Open Day

I was given the privilege to speak at the Industry & Alumni Panel at the AIM Open Day on November 2019. With an educational background this was a humbling experience as I left AIM a graduate and came back an industry professional helping younger students cement their way in the art of music. I know how important it is to speak with industry professionals about their experiences and words of wisdom as the musician’s or composer’s journey will always need some positive guidance. To be able to help is everything for me as I owe The Australian Institute of Music everything.

Topics discussed:

  • Being a screen composer in the industry
  • Lessons AIM has taught me in becoming pro active as a musician/composer
  • The high level of┬átertiary music education from AIM’s legendary mentors and teachers
  • Advice I┬áhave for upcoming younger composers for film
  • The AIM social life and importance of making like minded friends