Darren Lim Music Tuition

Darren Lim Music Tuition is a music tutoring company that educates young passionate students and adults about the world of music composition, production and songwriting. Run by an experienced award winning Australian composer for film, advertisements and contemporary classical music, Darren Lim started this company to address the absence of music composition, production and songwriting in today’s outdated music tutoring curriculums that are unoriginally focused on piano, vocal or guitar performance. While these disciplines are also important, here at Darren Lim Music Tuition instrumental lessons can be offered alongside disciplines of composition, production or songwriting to make the most of one’s musical education.

Tailored Music Tuition

• Valuable insight from years of experience in professional screen composition and performance
• Qualified secondary school teacher specialising in music education, music performance, music production & music composition
• Active Working With Childrens Check
• Active NSW Education Standards Authority member
• Alumni of The Australian Institute of Music 2013
• Alumni of The Australian Catholic University (Education) 2015
• Expert musical knowledge
• Progress monitoring is tailored to student’s needs
• Classes are individually tailored to student’s goals
• Lesson plans are set out to achieve high results in school curriculums
• Specific classes offered to HSC students


(All classes are available as face to face & online classes)

Music Composition – Film Music, Classical Music, Electronic Music, Neo Classical Music, Contemporary Pop Music, Rock Music, Alternative Music, Jazz Music, Funk Music, Latin Music, Ambient Music.

Music Production – Proficiency in writing and recording into Digital Work Stations. (Cubase, Logic, Garage Band, Ableton)

Music Theory – For HSC students looking to achieve top results in HSC music theory.

Songwriting – Analyse what your favourite artists are doing and how you can write songs unique to you.

About Darren Lim

After many years of music tuition alongside developing his professional career, he has found joy and fulfilment in helping student’s reach their full creative potential through music education. Darren Lim is an Australian film composer, musician and educator from Sydney who currently has an active professional career in screen composition writing music for films, tv, advertisements and branded content. This certainly makes his tuition more valuable to young adults looking to get a head start in forging a professional music career. For student’s looking to get into professional screen composition or contemporary music production, Lim’s classes are available to all skill levels and all genres of music production.

Darren Lim also specialises in tuition for HSC music students. Lim knows first hand what HSC music examinations, performances and auditions require mentally as he has been through the processes himself. Mental preparations for HSC music examinations and performances can take its toll on the unsuspecting student. Practising certain instrumental techniques and refining aural skills is impossible to do overnight as it requires months and even years of preparation to reach top results. With Darren Lim’s ongoing support and progress monitoring, students can find themselves reaching the highest tiers of assessment whether it be in performance, composition or theory.

You can visit Darren Lim’s professional work on www.darrenlimmusic.com