Project Description


Exploring the lives of Patagonian Cowboys (Gauchos) living at the end of the world in isolation. A stunning portrait of sacrifice, tradition and endurance in extreme conditions, and what it truly means to be alone.

Score Recognitions

2019 – Won ‘Best Original Score’ for Campesinos at the Made in the West Film Festival Sydney

Letter from Composer

This story has inspired me to no end. Upon looking at the early footage, I was mesmerised by the vast landscape of Patagonia and its people. The Gauchos as some would call them are so kind hearted I really wanted to reflect this through the music. I felt that a felt piano with all its imperfections gave the score a certain human likeness in amidst an array of synthetic sounds. These synthetic sounds gave the score an under bed that represented wind and snow, such as the Patagonian landscape. I felt that using aerophones to drive the story through its changing emotions also gave the score a poetic touch where the wind and snow seems to be singing through these wind instruments. – Darren

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