Project Description


A coming of age drama about a 27 year old imaginary friend who lives in an isolated town with his female creator. They’ve been best friends their whole lives and the relationship has always been completely platonic. But when the creator begins to fall for a real man, the imaginary friend realises he’s in love with her. He sets about trying to win her for himself, but it’s obvious that he can’t compete in the real world. He must become real himself.

Letter from Composer

This film was written with lots of love and passion by Tony Prescott. I felt it during my initial watch of the early edits without music and sound design. The shots, editing and performances of the actors drove the narrative enough that I felt the score should be very subtle. With a minimal approach to the score I could counteract emotions that are often powerful on screen with subtle piano, organ and guitar to represent all of the character’s inner vulnerabilities. Each sound and layer of the score are is performed with a certain imperfection. They have honest flaws in its performance and recording that I believe sits well with the intimate performances. – Darren

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